ZeuS Engine, Easy to Install, A huge Engine for your Server, SVN Private Access, Great and Full Community board system, All In One System

Wellcome to our web page. You will found all you need to know about our work. This engine is a HUGE system, with many amazing options & features, and we still work on this. This is not a simple Community Board system, is all that you need for your Server.

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Our Engine and Community System

Engine Configuration

You can configurate almost all of the engine, by admin panel, some xml and html files.

Private SVN

All our customers have access to our SVN server. You just need Rioux SVN or Assembla account


With this Community you will have a complete engine with, Antibot System, vote Reward, Donation Manager, Dressme, Buff Store, Anti Pk System and much more

Email System

New email system. You can send Email from your Server with a SMTP account (Gmail, hotmail). Some features have Email html data files.


Our database installs automatically on the first run. Each time the server starts, it checks the existing tables, not to find them installed automatically.

About our Engine


- Based on Java 1.8.

- This engine has 5 years, this year is offered for sale. Thank the success we wanted to keep adding other chronic as other platforms.

L2JSunrise (High Five) Trunk 100%
L2JSunrise (High Five) Branch 100%
L2JServer (High Five) 98%
Fandc 0%
L2JServer (Freya) 98%
L2JServer (Interlude)0%


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Community Board (Main Windows)

Annoucement types, Quick Character menu, Quick Access.
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Engine Board

Buffer, Go party Leader, Teleport, Shop, Blacksmith, Auction House, Warehouse and Much More
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Region Board

With player information by World or Zone.
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Clan Board

With Mini Forum for all Clan member's
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Grand Raid Boss Board

With the Respawn, drop, and some Config
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Party Finder Board (.party)

With Party Information.




Paypal payment Option

160 Euros (SVN Full Access)